Cavex Wax Sheet Box

Cavex Set Up Wax \ Molding wax
SKU: 4159002
142.00 (EGP)

The modelling wax of choice. The unique well balanced composition makes Cavex Set Up Wax easy to work with.


  • pink modelling wax for prosthetic dentistry (setting up teeth)


  • composition based on a perfect combination of paraffin, microwax and bee's wax
  • the wax has a great tenacity
  • no distortion of the wax, due to small range (<5%) of melting points
  • ideal for partial prosthesis
  • no runniness or droplet formation
  • pink (similar to the mouth situation)
  • one sheet is enough for two prosthesis
  • size: 18.6 x 8.9 cm